Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Two Left Feet, Part Deux

Injuring the left side of the body must run in my family. If you recall my Two Left Feet post from April 28th, I have a nasty habit of injuring my left foot and leg.

When eleven-year-old Curly Girl landed herself at the orthopedist today, she trumped all of my injuries and then some.

Over the weekend, Curly Girl banged and twisted her knee when she slipped in a river. She iced the joint, but it still swelled some. Thinking her knee was okay, her father and I wrapped her knee and let her go to soccer practice yesterday. Ten minutes into practice, Curly Girl's coach helped her as she limped to the car. While running, my daughter's kneecap turned all the way to the side, and her leg collapsed.

When we arrived home from practice, I iced her knee, elevated it, and iced and elevated it some more. When it was still swollen this morning, we ventured to the orthopedist. Apparently, Curly Girl tore one of the ligaments that holds her knee in place. If we don't give her knee time to heal properly now, her kneecap will keep dislocating and she will end up having knee surgery in the future.

To allow the ligament time to heal, Curly Girl has to wear a large brace that keeps her leg completely immobilized for six weeks. She obviously won't be playing soccer any time soon and is very upset that her injury eliminates competing in the summer swim season. We're hoping that she will at least be able to get in the pool to cool off because we will be at the pool a lot once it opens on Memorial Day.

Since Curly Girl was going to swim the water lap in a team triathlon that our family has entered, Patrick and I are looking for a new team member who can swim 300 meters. Anyone interested?

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