Sunday, May 24, 2009

Procrastination 101

At this point in my life, procrastination has become an art form. In the past hour since I sat down to work (Yes, I am working on Sunday night. I usually work 2-3 hours every day), I have:

- Played with Nibbles the bunny

- Fed Nibbles hay and made sure he drank some water

- Took the dogs outside

- Checked both of my e-mail accounts (One is for personal e-mails, and one is for homeschool Yahoo groups)

- Played around on Facebook and looked for new people to friend

- Surfed itunes

- Called my grandmother (There was a "Private Caller" on my caller ID, and I called my grandmother to see if it was her. It wasn't, but she enjoyed hearing from me anyway.)

- Wrote a blog about procrastinating (This is truly a low point.)

Thinking that I would have a lot of free time with Patrick and Curly Girl out of town, I had planned to write a lot this weekend. Of course, that hasn't exactly happened. Car Guy and I had originally planned to go to the track (Me- run; Car Guy- play soccer) and pool today, but it rained. Instead I got on the elliptical while watching a PBS special about Michelangelo, wasted an hour or two doing nothing, went to see "Night at the Museum 2" (Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!), ran some errands, ate dinner at La Ha (I know we're there too much when several waiters stopped by our table to ask Car Guy and I where the rest of the family was), and attended a funeral home visitation.

So now, it's 9pm, and I have just finished my cup of hot tea which will hopefully keep me awake for a few hours. I'm really going to try to make myself work, but I just cannot get focused tonight and knowing I have a deadline tomorrow just makes it worse.

I'm definitely up for some more procrastination. Let's see, what could I do now that Car Guy is in bed and I am home alone? Hmmmm..... dance around my house while rocking out to my Ipod, check into seeing The Connells at Cat's Cradle next month, talk on the phone, IM people on FB, put new music on my blog..... Any other ideas?... Buehler? Buehler?...


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  1. Talk on the phone? Ha...that's hate talking on the phone...I can't keep you on for more than 60 secounds when I call from out of town...