Thursday, May 21, 2009

Day at the Zoo

While Curly Girl flitted through Europe,

Car Guy and I spent yesterday exploring the zoo.

I cheered on my son as he hatched from an egg,

and flew a helicopter.

Car Guy and I did have a bit of a discussion about his cartography addiction, however. He drove me absolutely crazy constantly checking out and telling me about the zoo map in great detail. He did exactly the same thing when we visited Washington, DC, in September. Car Guy would actually look at the DC map instead of checking out the actual landmarks he was walking by.

At the zoo, we located the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, but not the scarlet ibis, in the aviary,

thought the brown bear needed a manicure,

and laughed at the turtle's flipped-up legs. Check out the turtle that is second from the right.

After all this for my child, after traipsing up and down hills, providing endless snacks, and banter, what does Car Guy go and do? This morning, my dear seven-year-old made a sign saying, "Dad is Best!" and proceeded to parade around the house with it. He even marched up and down the driveway with the offending paraphenalia as he fetched the morning newspaper, and the sign is still in his room. Mothers just are not appreciated. According to my son, I need to bone up on my snuggling, tickling, and pillow fighting skills.

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  1. car Guy gets his map-reading from his grandmother!!!!