Tuesday, May 26, 2009

European Sojourn

Curly Girl returns tomorrow from jet-setting through southern Germany and Austria. I can hardly wait to wrap her in a giant bear hug when I spy her at the airport.

Throughout most of the trip, my father has e-mailed me pictures of their trip, and it has been fabulous to see what my eleven-year-old daughter has been experiencing.

She beamed with joy when I dropped her off at the airport,

Enjoyed apple strudel with warm vanilla cream sauce at a sidewalk cafe in Rothenburg,

Took in the sights of Nuremburg (When I first saw this picture, I flipped out because I thought she wasn't wearing her knee brace. Then I saw the lumps and realized the brace was under her pants.),

Ate a gigantic chocolate dessert (For some reason, they kept sending me pictures of food. I think they were trying to make me jealous.),

Checked out the Vienna Opera House where Curly Girl purchased some Mozart memorabilia (Curly Girl loves music, especially piano, and was super excited to check out Mozart's Vienna.),

Spent an entire day in the Leopold Museum (Aaaah! bliss...), and

Drooled over the Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna.

(After visiting the palace, Curly Girl called to tell me that we should have been one of Maria Theresa's children because each child had five rooms and his/her own maid. She also informed me that everyone also had a boyfriend or girlfriend, even if they were married. Out of all the possibilities, infidelity trivia wasn't quite what I hoped my child would remember from her palace tour. I was wishing for something different, such as trivia about art, politics, architecture, ... anything else, basically).

Curly Girl also visited Regensburg and Heidelburg, Germany, and I can hardly wait to see her pictures. I hope my parents took some shots of Curly Girl in the same Heidelburg locations that I visited at her age.

I can hardly wait for my hug and kiss tomorrow! It has been much too quiet in my house without my daughter home.

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