Thursday, May 7, 2009

A Stream-of-Consciousness Life

I have this whole stream-of-consciousness-brain thing going on. My brain never stops running. I cannot think of a time that I wasn't thinking about something, even something as inane as my grocery list for the week.

I frequently wonder if other people think as much as I do. I so don't get people who can sit still and do nothing. My brain stays in overdrive too much for me to sit still for too long. I sometimes wish that I didn't think so much, but then I wouldn't be me.

Here is a sampling of my stream-of-consciousness brain from this evening:

- I so feel like a Seinfeld episode- you know, writing a blog about nothing.

- I have a rather odd fascination with bats. They don't scare me a bit, and I am so excited that Patrick spotted one gathering insects near our deck. I'm bummed that I didn't get to see the bat, even though we tried to attract it back to the deck by tossing a set of keys in the air. I also love to hear the owl in our backyard. He usually hoots while I am writing about 6:30 each morning.

- "Grey's Anatomy" tonight was absolutely fabulous. I admit to seeing all 100 "Grey's" episodes and to harboring a not-so-secret-fantasy about Patrick Dempsey. It's all about the tall, dark, and handsome thing.

- I'm trying to decide how to spend the upcoming Saturday that I will have all to myself while Patrick takes the kids fishing. I'm deliberating between a totally, fun day just for me such as visiting a museum, spending the day in a bookstore, or shopping vs. the things I need to do (run, write, and hit the grocery store).

- I love Facebook. I have had more fun lately catching up with long-out-of-touch college friends, laughing at pictures from high school, and catching up with people's current lives.

- One of my favorite feelings is curling up in bed at night. To fall asleep, I must lay on my stomach with one leg wrapped around my body pillow. I also usually cocoon completely under the covers. Speaking of which, I am traipsing off to bed now.

Good night! Sleep well! Have a great weekend!

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