Saturday, May 9, 2009

Take My Breath Away

I experienced the most amazing vision when I was driving home from the grocery store an hour ago. As I was cruising along, what-I-originally-thought-was-a-dog steadily trotted across the road. On second glance, I realized it was a fox, though- an amazingly,beautiful red fox.

What came next took by breath away. A small, completely innocent, adorable small red kit followed closely behind its mother. At that moment, I stopped the car and just watched them cross the road. We live in the county about ten minutes outside of a city, so it is not unusual to see deer crossing the road, but I don't recall seeing a fox (especially in the middle of the day) in many, many years. It was an experience that I would love to recreate, but is a sight that will probably not appear again for quite some time.

Seeing the animals innocently going about their day gave me a such a natural high that I started thinking of other experiences that take my breath away:

Multi-colored sunsets

Unexpectedly running into or hearing from a long-ago friend

Fresh flowers

People who stand up for themselves and others

Hearing a song that expresses exactly what I am feeling at a particular moment

A thoughtful, in-depth conversation that isn't about children or parenting

God's love because most of the time I certainly don't deserve it

Hugs, kisses, and I love you's from my children

Books that stay with me long after I finish reading them


Getting out of my comfort zone

Art museums

Venturing down a scenic trail

Amazingly, I didn't value many of these things years ago. I was so caught up in material desires that I unknowingly bypassed many breath-taking facets of nature. Years ago, I pictured myself living a big city loft, but now I dream of a renovated farmhouse where I can't see another home from my front porch. Twenty years previously, I thought my high school friendships were temporal, but now they are the women I most desire to keep in touch with. In college, I didn't know if I would ever want to have children, but now Curly Girl and Car Guy anchor my existence.

It's incredible how people can change so immensely, yet still keep the inner core of who they are. I think I'm that way. Over time, weaker facets of my personality have faded, but the stronger aspects of who I am stand out more intensely. That also takes my breath away- the ability of people to grow and change, yet retain the inner essence of who they are.

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