Sunday, June 7, 2009

Triathlon Time (Part 2)

Today was the big day! Triathlon Day! In March, my husband, daughter, and I signed up as a relay team for an area triathlon (

We were all super-excited about competing as a family until Curly Girl blew out her knee four weeks ago ( After Patrick and I decided that we still wanted to race, he picked up Curly Girl's swim leg and also completed the bike part of the race. Curly Girl and Car Guy then took on the important role of family cheerleaders.

Honestly, the worst part of triathlon day is getting up at the crack of dawn to leave the house by 6am. After arriving at the race site, adrenaline and excitement kicks in while you pick up your timing chip, get your numbers marked (I'm still working on scrubbing all the permanent marker off my arms and legs. Hopefully, I'll be more successful in the shower tomorrow morning.), and set up your gear in the transition area.

Since the swim was in a pool, the triathlon began with a staggered start based on swim times. Patrick enjoyed a great 300 meter swim and even tossed in a bit of butterfly at the end of the leg.

Next, he transitioned to the bike and turned in a respectable 12K bike ride.

When Patrick returned to the transition area, I grabbed our timing chip from him and headed out on the run. After waiting around for a while, I was ready to get moving. I did feel a bit guilty though when other runners on the course would comment to each other, "Keep going. You're doing great, etc." Since many of them had already swam and biked, I felt kind of lame just running my measly 5K, especially after I learned that a 73-year-old woman finished the entire triathlon by herself in an hour and a half.

After I came across the finish line, we hung around the race area for awhile. They had free pizza, beer, and snacks. We couldn't pass that up!

Since Patrick and I accomplished both of our goals (Finish alive and not finish last), we definitely want to try another race. We're hoping that Curly Girl's knee will be completely rehabbed by September because we want to try the Angels Race Triathlon on the same course with Curly Girl turning in our swim leg.

We had a great day, but I'm really tired. Everyone else in the house hit the sack long ago, and I am now off to join them. Good night!

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