Monday, June 29, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

My family engaged in the great American past-time last night, a baseball game. We are lucky enough to have several minor league teams within half an hour of our house and enjoy hitting a few games each summer. Yesterday happened to be the Community Swim Association day with the Grasshoppers, so we enjoyed spending time with friends while also catching a ballgame.

Last night's trip to the ballpark started with greeting the team's mascot, a grasshopper. As a child, my family and I regularly attended minor league baseball games. Then Greensboro's team was called the Hornets, though, and acted as a farm team for the New York Yankees. I still remember seeing Don Mattingly and Derek Jeter play in Greensboro's War Memorial Stadium years ago.

Of course, my family and I also strolled around the stadium before the game began to check out our food selections for the evening. I don't know if your family is like mine, but my children and I always seem to plan an event around the junk food selections available during it. For me, I'm now perfectly happy munching on a bag of peanuts throughout the game. As a child, though, I would always get ice cream in a small baseball helmet.

We settled in to watch the game- Curly Girl and I enjoying our snacks and chatting with friends, Patrick discussing swim team things with other parents at the game, and Car Guy trying to focus on the action. Car Guy definitely inherited the sports addict gene from his dad. My son will watch and show an interest in learning about almost any sport. We haven't tried cricket yet, so I'm not sure about that sport, though.

Knowing my love of animals, it should come as no surprise to you that the bat dog is one of my favorite things at Grasshoppers game. Yes, two dogs take turns picking up the bats from home plate and even fetching balls from the outfield between innings.

We enjoyed a great game. The Grasshoppers led until the WV Power took the lead with a grand slam in the seventh inning. After a disputed double play, the Grasshoppers tied it up in the ninth inning. Finally, in the bottom of the eleventh, the home team clinched the win with a home run. We also witnessed a triple play which was way cool to see.

Car Guy and his pals were growing a bit antsy, though, since they were waiting to run the bases after the game. After hanging in there for the two extra innings, the kids were set loose on the field after the players had exited the game.

We had a great time at the game and are actually pondering taking in another baseball game this weekend.

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