Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cat Wrangler, Part 2

It's 6am, and I just traipsed downstairs to make my early morning cup of hot tea. While my tea was steeping, I glanced out the window to check the baited humane trap on my front porch. (See Cat Wrangler below which explains why a trap is on my porch.)

At first, I was super-excited because a cat-size gray animal was contained in it, but upon closer examination I realized that the trap holds a possum. Yes, I have a trapped possum on my front porch, and I will definitely be calling Animal Control to dispose of it.

I know that "Smoky" the stray cat has been eating the food we have been putting out for her. We frequently see her during the day, and she hangs around our front porch waiting for some kibble. I had been thinking she ate quite a bit of food for a small cat, though. Now, I'm wondering if I haven't been feeding a possum all along, too- EEEKKKK!

I admit that part of me would have liked to have seen the possum climbing the brick front steps to get to the food, but the amusement of the sight is greatly tempered at the gross factor of a possum on the porch. I currently feel like I'm in a Beverly Hillbillies episode.

What to do? What to do? I don't mind feeding the cat, but have no plan to be known as the neighborhood possum feeder, though. At least my neighbors will get some amusement out of this. They weren't too happy about the me, the bleeding-heart next-door, trying to aid and abet the stray cats in the area.

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