Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow Day

We had a snow day today! Yea! For the first time in several years, we received enough snow to actually go sledding. Growing up, it seemed like we got a decent snow about once a year, but for some reason that hasn't happened in recent winters (I know, blame it on global warming.).

Playing outside today brought back so many snow day memories. When I was about four or five, my dad had a huge round Coca-Cola sign that we used as a sled. Riding in it was like being on the tilt-a-whirl at the fair as we slid down the huge hill beside our house. For some reason, I always remember sledding at night, though. When I was a teenager, I lived by a golf course which had lots of great hills. Whenever it snowed, I would walk to a friend's house on another part of the course, and we would spend the entire day on the hill behind her house or head over to the driving range with all the other kids in the neighborhood. At the end of the day, I'd trudge back home in time for dinner before I collapsed into bed for the night. What great memories!

I love to glimpse the new-fallen snow before anyone traipses through it or drives down the street. To try to memorialize the peaceful scene, I grabbed my camera and headed outside early this morning to take some pictures of the quiet, serene scene.

The quiet was over, though, when Car Guy woke up and looked out his window. He could hardly wait to put on his unworn snowsuit and head outside. Since we live on a hill, our driveway is great for sledding. After digging the sleds out of the back corner of the garage, we all took turns sliding down the hill, making snowballs, and enjoying the morning.

I have learned the hard way, however, that it is best to sled down the driveway. Several years ago, for reasons that I no longer remember, I elected to slide down the hill in our front yard, instead of selecting the obvious choice of the driveway. All was going well until I hit a bump near the bottom of the incline and flew into the air. Once I hit the ground, I crumpled up in a fetal position and lay in the snow in pain for several minutes, as my dear, attentive, ever-concerned family members stood at the top of the hill doubled over in laughter. No, my husband and daughter never came down the hill to help me, and I had to then crawl back up the hill by myself. Turns out, I broke my tailbone during that little stunt and will never, ever, ever sled down the hill instead of the driveway again.

Luckily, we did not have any sledding injuries at our house today. Almost all of the snow melted off of our driveway in the afternoon sun, though. So it looks like we won't be doing any sledding tomorrow.

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