Thursday, March 26, 2009

Art Adventures

Yesterday afternoon, the kids and I hit one of our favorite hot spots, ArtQuest, a fantabulous locale where anyone can be an artist. Curly Girl and Car Guy wiled away a few hours checking out the various creative stations, such as the

Recycled Art Center,

Weaving Loom,

and the Zoetrope.

My kids really enjoy experimenting with the awesome art supplies that we don't have at home such as
watercolor pencils

and Kapla blocks.

We do have Kapla blocks at home, but our box of 100 just does not compare to a room full of several thousand pieces of balsa wood complete with instructional books showing all the cool things you can construct with them.

Admittedly, I cringe at the thought of paint and clay in the house. All I picture is the mess they are going to make. So going to ArtQuest enables Curly Girl and Car Guy to

sculpt with clay

and paint.

I even took a page from my children's book and painted a bit myself.

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  1. LOVE IT. Have you turned into a blog photographer....? Knowing you will blog it later? I HAVE. Most of the photos I take I have my blog in my mind now....captions included!!