Saturday, July 11, 2009

Kentucky Prayers

During the upcoming week, Curly Girl and I will be venturing on a week-long mission trip to Henderson Settlement in Frakes, Kentucky. We will part of a group of fourteen people of varying ages from our church. While in Kentucky, we will be hanging vinyl siding and adding a room onto a family's trailer.

Please send up the following thoughts and prayers for our group:

Health and safety for our group as we travel and while we work

Physical and emotional strength

For the members of our group to bond and work well together

Our group will contain three pairs of parents and children. Please pray that the parents and their tween/teen children find their relationships strengthened throughout the trip.

For the members of our group to view the family we will serve as an extension of ourselves and not as an "other"

For the family we will serve to view our group as the hands and feet of Christ

For each member of our group to be open to the lessons that God tries to teach us throughout the week

To learn more about Henderson Settlement, check out

To read my previous musings when I committed to the Kentucky trip and admitting my lack of building experience, check out

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

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