Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Car Guy's Comments

Some of Car Guy's recent musings that I didn't want to forget:

Driving through the mountains of southwestern Virginia this weekend, seven-year-old Car Guy dreamily remarked, "Sometimes I feel so small in such a big world."

The other day Car Guy tried describing his sister by using adjectives starting with different letters of the alphabet. He didn't get very far, though, because Curly Girl and I couldn't stop laughing after Car Guy began with "A for academic, . . . . D for diplomatic." Too cute and what a vocabulary!

Reverting to his dress-in-a-different-costume-every-day phase, Car Guy spent this afternoon channeling Darth Vader. He was especially cute wearing his black cowboy boots with his Darth Vader costume, and Curly Girl loved it when her brother wore the costume to pick her up from a Youth Club meeting.

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