Sunday, April 26, 2009

Look What We Found!

As we poked around our yard tonight, we discovered a bird's nest containing five baby birds.

The birds' parents constructed the nest under the cover of our propane gas tank. What a fabulous location! It stays dry unless a deluge occurs and is rather safe. Since the top of the tank is several feet off the ground, other animals cannot get into it, but there are several holes for the birds to fly in and out.

When I snapped these pictures, three birds were in the nest and two were hanging out just outside of it. I'm sure the mama bird was nearby thinking not-very-nice things about the humans checking out her babies in their nest.

I'm always struck by the beauty and intricacy of birds' nests. At least these birds used traditional building materials, unlike the nest we found a year or two which was created mainly from our dogs' hair. I had groomed our two white, curly-haired bichon frises on the back deck, and apparently the birds thought the hair would make excellent building material. I so wish I had taken a photo of that nest!

Tomorrow we're going to drag out our bird identification guide to try to figure out what type of birds are in our current nest. A bluebird family lives in the birdhouse by our front porch, but I'm not sure what these brown and white birds are. If anyone knows, feel free to let me in on the secret.

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  1. They are Carolina Wrens.
    We have a nest of three baby robins. One jumped the nest yesterday and began hopping away.