Sunday, April 5, 2009

Busy, Busy Weekend

Our family experienced a super-busy, but enjoyable weekend. With the warm, sunny weather everyone could finally get outside and gain a touch of color in their cheeks.

The weekend began with Curly Girl's soccer game on Friday night.

Saturday morning started early with our local community theatre's Break a Leg 5K. Our family has been involved with community theatre for years. I performed in several shows during my middle high and high school years. In the past four years, Curly Girl and her father have appeared together in "Annie" and "Fiddler on the Roof," and my husband performed sans family in "Once Upon a Mattress." To show our support of the Break a Leg 5K, Patrick and Curly Girl volunteered behind the scenes, Car Guy participated in the Kids Fun Run, and I ran (Ok, more like jogged and walked) the 5K.

From the 5K, we traversed across town to Car Guy's soccer game.

After crashing at home, we put steaks on the grill and also enjoyed corn on the cob (yum!) and baked potatoes for dinner. The highlight for me came from the Ace Perry Cider (my favorite adult beverage of the moment) that washed down my meal.

Sunday brought another soccer game for Car Guy

and the Easter Egg Hunt at church where he looked high

and low for eggs.

The only hiccup in the weekend arose from Car Guy's asthma. Unfortunately, we had to break out the nebulizer and albuterol several times. I say, unfortunately, because it is certainly no fun for your child to be wheezing, but also because albuterol sends Car Guy through the roof. So much so that he is still awake and calling to me from his room at this very moment (It's now 10pm). Oh well, I'd better go peel him off the ceiling. I hope you have a fantastic week ahead.

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