Friday, September 4, 2009

Pilot Mountain

Curly Girl, Car Guy, and I ventured out on our first field trip of the school year yesterday. Going on lots of field trips is on of our favorite aspects of homeschooling. Since I firmly believe that you learn just as much from experiences as you do from books, we try to take about three to four field trips a month.

Yesterday, we trekked around Pilot Mountain (Mt. Pilot for you Andy Griffith Show fans).

After pulling our minivan off Highway 52 and up the mountain, we first took in the view from the overlook. It was a beautiful day, and Curly Girl loved how we could see the earth's curvature from our vantage point.

Next, we struck out on the Little Pinnacle trail, an easy walk which provides a great view of Big Pinnacle.

While on Little Pinnacle Trail, Curly Girl and Car Guy took the time to act like superheroes and mountain lions (At least, Car Guy did. Curly Girl decided that she was too old to transform into a mountain lion.)

Mountain lions always remind me of our family trip to South Dakota two years ago. While exploring Custer State Park, we pointed out a sign to Car Guy, our rambunctious five-year-old at the time, which reminded parents to keep their children nearby since mountain lions may attack unattended small children or pets. From that point on, Car Guy did not leave our sides the remainder of the trip.

Yesterday after checking out Little Pinnacle, Curly Girl, Car Guy, and I hiked around Big Pinnacle, the knob atop Pilot Mountain.

We enjoyed the beautiful early fall weather- warm, but with a hint of coolness in the air. The park was not very crowded, and we loved checking out our surroundings along with all the raptors which were drifting on the air currents around the mountain.

I also adore how homeschooling strengthens our family relationships. Admittedly, we drive each other crazy some days, but I firmly believe that our time spent learning and exploring together will pay off handsomely in the long run.

Lest you worry that Curly Girl and Car Guy didn't engage in any book learning yesterday, don't fret. My children and I read some of Beowulf aloud while we enjoyed our picnic lunch.

We are certainly looking forward to our school year along with everything we will learn and the locales we will explore.


  1. It all sounds so ideal. What a blessing to those children in your care. You are doing an important work Ms. A. I am impressed.

  2. Pilot Mountain needs to be a field trip in our near future. We spent yesterday trekking to find yet more new waterfalls in these WNC mountains. "Waterfalling" as we call it, is one of the best highlights of homeschooling! If you get over this way, let me know, and we will give you the grand tour!