Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Know I'm Getting Old When . . .

I'm 38, which I know isn't exactly over the hill, but lately I have felt my age

because . . .

The music that I grew up with is now considered classic or retro. I hope you're enjoying listening to some of the hits from 1971, the year I was born.

I have some gray hair which, of course, I have colored.

I go to sleep at the time that I went out for the night during college.

I require several cups of caffeine to get going in the morning.

I voluntarily take vitamins, granted they are still Flintstones vitamins, though.

I have aged out of the Young Adult Sunday School class.

I almost always choose price over style, and now shop at stores where I wouldn't have been caught dead ten years ago.

I can easily remember the days before cell phones, internet access, and cable tv.

I did high school debate research using microfiche, a card catalog, and some odd film-like contraption.

I remember the early days of MTV when they actually played music videos.

I think about what body parts will ache the day after I exercise or try some new physical activity.

I usually take at least one Tylenol or Aleve before lunch.

I wear reading glasses.

I am happy to be past the spit-up and diaper-changing phases, and no longer gaze longingly at babies.

I have body parts that will most likely never return to the shape or size which they previously were.

I now understand why women get body parts nipped, tucked, and lifted.

My oldest child, Curly Girl, is almost a teenager.

When I took Curly Girl shopping this past weekend, I actually thought, "I can't believe what kids wear these days." This coming from the person who wore pink Converse high-tops and ripped jeans with the names of bands written all over them in high school.

Clothes that were in-style in high school during the late '80s have come back around. Vans, OP, and neon weren't that great originally. Did they really need to come back in style?

I am going to attend my 20th high school reunion next month. It can't possibly have been 20 years. It certainly doesn't seem like that long ago.

. . . but perhaps my memory and sense of time are going with age, too.


  1. LOL still laughing at the debate research materials!!!! HA! Microfisch, the "CARD CATALOGUE"!!!LOL

  2. Oh the phrases that come out of hubby's and my mouth these days. Reminds me of my grandparents, for crying out loud! Grey hair? What grey hair???

  3. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things: