Monday, February 23, 2009


I am addicted . . . yes, I said addicted. But it's really not that bad. This week I am addicted to a book, Twilight.
I had heard everyone- okay, mainly a lot of high school students- talking about this book and how much they loved, loved, loved it. But I just thought, "Vampire romance, oh please, that is so below me." But in a moment of weakness the other day, I picked up the book and started reading, and now I am hooked. So hooked that I have been trying to find time to sneak in reading a chapter here and a chapter there all day, instead of my usual lie-in-bed-and-read-a-bit-before-falling-asleep routine. I'll even admit that I am rather distracted at the moment because I can hardly wait to curl up and finish Twilight and start its sequel, Eclipse.

I do confess that I swiped the books from my tween daughter's room. Since she has already read the first two books, there is one thing that I am super-happy about- the plot is a chaste romance, as much as a love story between a teenage vampire and his human girlfriend can be. Honestly, I am three-quarters of the way through the book and the there has barely been a kiss. Lots of stolen glances, some hand holding, and private conversations, and, you know what, it's hot. Hot like the first time you hold hands with a new beau, or that first kiss hot. And I would be more than happy for this particular notion of hotness- the chaste part, not the vampire aspect- to catch on in our culture.

Curly Girl is at the point where she would like to read some romance-themed books. Now I do think her idea of romance is more about the idea of it, than acts associated with it, and that is more than fine with me. In trying to find appropriate romance novels for teens, I certainly don't want to set her free in the young adult section of the library or local book store, though. I have tried to recommend some Jane Austen or Bronte sisters novels, but I'm still searching for more ideas if you have any.

So . . . addictions . . . we all, at least I'm hoping all of us, develop little addictions or obsessions for a time before they fade away. You know, you listen to a particular CD non-stop before you get sick of it, or you eat pb&j sandwiches for lunch every day for a week then don't want to see another for a month. After my husband and I saw Dirty Rotten Scoundrels in NYC, we crossed paths with a fan obsessed with the show's star, John Lithgow, by the stage door waiting for autographs. Actually, I think the woman had moved passed obsessed into full-fledged addiction and stalker behavior. The big tip-off was the letter she had in her hand for Lithgow, and the way the security guard kept Lithgow away from the "fan" as he got into his limo.

So, come on, 'fess up. What have you been addicted to? I'll admit to my previous love for Gray's Anatomy before the MerDer tug-of-war became too painful to follow, as well as even creating a Princess Diana scrapbook as a teenager. Please make me feel better by telling me you have some obsessions, too.

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  1. Aaaahhhh it! He is a wonderful example of self control. A quality not many other fiction usually lauds for young adult readers.....lots of goods ahead for you N JOY